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We live in a world where learning a new language is easy, but maintaining it is a little more difficult. We excel at studying the science of the language, but find it hard to increase our experience of actually using it. Luckily, we also live in a world where connecting to people from all around the world is so much easier. Why not connect directly to an English language speaker? 

During the pandemic of 2020, English with Cheryl was started to bridge that gap. 


Cheryl - Portraits _ by Cape Image - Ken

Cheryl Edwards

TEFL Certified - 6 Years experience

Friendly, passionate and eager, I started my ESL career in 2012 teaching elementary and middle school students in South Korea.

5 years later, friendly, passionate and eager but homesick; I moved back home and started teaching online. It makes me happy to still be able to connect with my students even while I am home with my family.


    Bachelor's in Psychology

    TEFL Certificate

Home Language:


Interests and hobbies:

    Photography / Hiking / Yoga / Travel      / Psychology  

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