English with Cheryl: The Beginning

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

TEFL-certified. Six years of teaching experience. Qualified to teach abroad.

Why start my own online business?

The gist of it

To be easy for my students to find and access

To have genuine connections and interactions with adult English language learners

To create lessons that we can relate to

The longer explanation

1. Easy to access

Isn't it amazing that we can connect and chat at the push of a button? Thank you

internet and online classrooms! Sure, many large online English teaching agencies offer instant connection with an English speaker, but I'd be happier knowing my students can:

  • find me quickly and easily

  • see my class schedule

  • book a class effortlessly

  • access my FREE community

Go to my website www.englishwithcheryl.com and see for yourself.

2. Genuine connection and interaction

It's great learning a language, but sometimes we're tired of studying the language. Let us practice together by using the language - just like we do in our regular life.

Do you remember me talking about my FREE community?


Join the community, share your opinion, join the discussion. Remember to use 'the word of the week' when commenting. Let's immerse ourselves in English, in a controlled environment. Let's practice beyond our grammar studies with more genuine interactions.

3. Lessons we relate to

Pronouncing names of strange phobias, talking about our joys and sharing our 2020 pandemic experiences. Yes, there's always a little room for grammar practice and vocabulary building, but my focus is on using our English skills to talk about our experiences now.

So, here's to the official opening of English with Cheryl.

May my students find me easily.

May we have genuine connection using lessons we relate to.

See you in class :)

Bookings are available from 1st October 2020